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2 years ago

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Jennifer my friend and I decided to go for a week to cumfu Tenerife and I found a nice hotel in Playa de las Americas. Jennifer was a bit down recently, after the failure of their marriage 20 years odd, I thought one week to cool in the cumfu pool and spa facilities, just pick up the me that Jennifer needed. My plan was to spend time around the pool, have some spa treatments, along with some cumfu retail therapy and then go into town for some evening entertainment. arrived at the hotel and after we checked, we had a quick dip through a little more time in the whirlpool bath and a lie in the sun. cumfu Appropriate to the flight and our cold afternoon at the updates that we ate dinner in the restaurant and found the remains of our bottle of wine in the lounge N. Sitting in the living room to fit into the steady stream of cumfu reasonable men joked with reception and seating in the bar, we are pleased to see that one or two to find the way seemedBut we were left alone to enjoy our wine, followed by a cup of coffee before we headed to bed. on the second day we decided outside cumfu the resort company that is a bright sunny day with a nice breeze from the sea, he decided to run on foot along the promenade, and we were very admiring glances, we were very satisfied, as entering or running shorts and tight tops. within a period lasting about 8 miles in total, the sun was very hot and tired ourselves, we decided to go back to the hotel and a sauna to relax and then go sunbathing. A as we change, the two laughed, if we agree that exercise can make us feel always very hot and in need of a good bear. was nice to see Jennifer laughs and fun, with which we went to the cumfu sauna. Jennifer and I relax in the sauna, said Jennifer lying on the seat in front of me, "You know, I've never been in a sauna before been seen, and since onlythe two of us, and everyone cumfu is enjoying what you care if I get the cumfu Cossie ? " I was a little surprised, but said he did not care. I had my eyes closed and listened and then move your feet in one of my legs, and she said" sorry. " I opened eyes, bowed to take off her bikini outside their feet then see themselves maneuvered back into your bank and fell on his back. you had a beautiful body, both had similar waist hips, but Jennifer a good pair of tits 34E, has always been the opposite sex had attracted. I closed cumfu my eyes and relaxed again, naked Jennifer, give importance to her smooth pussy and her nipples had me excited a little. s I never thought of Jennifer in a cumfu sexual way before. 'm a little surprised to catch sight of a naked body in this effect was brilliant left see me naked with Jennifer thought. ? "Why no," and I reached back and took my own bikini top I must admit thatexposing my breasts to the heat of the sauna cumfu agents gave me a thrill ( I've never gone on vacation cumfu topless cumfu ). I could feel my own nipples hardening and understood why cumfu Jennifer had done the same. I liked the feeling, when suddenly the hand, Jennifer fell on my chest. I sighed and opened my eyes, but she seemed relaxed and had slid his hand resting on the bank of my chest. I felt I breathe a little deeper than the touch of his hand cumfu on my skin was a bit exciting. I decided to stay just like me and enjoy the protection against contact. Suddenly, the back of the hand moved over my chest. A ring that had made ​​contact with my nipples and the heat was painful, but very nice. I concluded that the contact was accidental and not so innocent as I originally thought. So I cumfu got a little body to increase the pressure against my chest and feel the nipple, which have not been surprised by his actions Jennifer to continue the examination of your breasts, although she was very surprised and happy to stop Jennif
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